The Zucchini Boat, an Healty Recipe

1.3 lbs 99% lean ground turkey
4 zucchini cut in half (lengthwise) and deseed
1/4 cup diced onions
1 cup tomato sauce
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp garlic salt
1 tsp of chilli powder (optional)
1/2 cup mozzarella cheese


Heat a large skillet and sauté the diced onions and minced garlic. Add the ground turkey and continue to cook until this eventually becomes brown and perfectly cooked. Advance by adding the seasoning (garlic salt and chilli powder) and the tomato sauce, to the mixture. Leave the combination to cook further for around 5 minutes. Option: In the meantime one can also savour the spices to attain the perfect palate.  

Using a spoon, stuff each of the zucchini half (the zucchini boats) with the prepped mixture. Line a sheet pan with aluminium foil (for easy clean-up) and place the zucchinis on top, aligned. Sprinkle the mozzarella cheese on top of each boat and bake at 400oF for 20 minutes. For extra cheesy mixture, add mozzarella as soon as the boats are pulled out of the oven.

Servings Size: 2 boats/ 1 whole zucchini cut in 2   Calories: 250 • Fat: 4.7 g • Carb: 14.5 g • Protein:  42.5g


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