California Crab Rolls (Sushi)


4 c sushi rice (cooked)
1 pkg nori sushi wrappers (seaweed)
1 medium avocado (thin slice lengthwise)
1 medium cucumber (remove the seeds and slice thin lengthwise)
1 c crabmeat or (deli crab salad)
2 Tbsp mayonaise
1 tsp salt
1 medium bowl of water (to dip you fingers so it don't stick)
1 bottle furikake (seaweed rice sprinkler)
2 Tbsp red pickles ginger (for garnish)
4 Tbsp rice vinegar
1 tsp sugar
1/4 c water (more or less)
1 pinch salt


1 Make the rice - (Mix 4-tbsp rice vinegar, salt, sugar and water) - Mix vinegar water mixture into the rice and mix them well. - This is done to prevent the rice from sticking to your fingers and also to add flavor to the rice)
2 Cover the bamboo mat in plastic wrap.
Cut a piece of Nori (seaweed/algae) in two..
Cut up some avacado, cucumber and cream cheese.
3 Place the ½ nori sheet at the end (toward you) of the mat.
Spread a small handfull of sushi rice on the nori sheet, leaving a ¼ of an inch on either side..
Shake on some furikake or sesame seeds.

Flip the whole thing over (yes it's sticky enough that it's possible)
4 Place one slice avacado, cucumber and crab meat and mayonaise or cream cheese (thin slice) along the middle of the roll.

Roll gently with even pressure. Cut roll in half.
Align the 2 halves and cut twice into 6 even pieces.
5 Arrange the sushi on a platter and serve.

FOR DIPPING SAUCE: Mix in a small bowl, 3-tbsp Soy sauce, 2-tbsp lemon juice and wasabi.


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